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What Is The Spirit Of Divination

What Is The Spirit Of Divination

Have you ever had your fortune read or palms analyzed? Or maybe you know someone who swears by their daily horoscope. If so, you’ve brushed shoulders with the age-old practice of divination. But what is it exactly? And what spiritual entity empowers it behind the scenes?

To start, divination refers to various mystical practices that aim to reveal hidden knowledge or glimpses into the future. Think psychic readings, tarot cards, magic spells – anything meant to supernaturally uncover secrets about destiny, relationships, decisions or events that have yet to unfold.

While some view divination as harmless fun, a closer look shows an underlying darkness. Let’s break it down so you can decide for yourself!

A Brief History of Peeping into the Future

Humans have dabbled with divination for ages in pursuit of powerful insight. Greek and Roman augers inspected animal guts for omens. Chinese mystics relied on oracle bones and I Ching hexagrams. African shamans threw handfuls of sacred nuts to determine fate, while their Native American counterparts sought visions through ritual dances.

Today’s horoscopes, crystal balls and oracle decks continue channeling this obsession with knowing the unknowable. Apparently our addiction to future-peeking persists! But again, what enables someone to supernaturally access hidden details about your love life or career? This leads us to the crux of the matter – the spirit of divination.

The Spirit Behind the Divining

Divination doesn’t pull accurate predictions out of thin air. There’s always a spiritual entity empowering the process behind the scenes. These spirits of divination whisper revelations in mediums’ ears, arrange Tarot cards with uncanny precision and even manifest as spirit guides feeding psychics intel.

Where do they come from though? Occultists assume they channel messages from the universe or tap into psychic energy. But according to Biblical sources like Leviticus 19:31, spirits of divination fall under the category of demonic spirits. Similar warnings in Deuteronomy 18 and Acts 16 clarify the dark nature of divination and its enabling entities.

Familiar Spirits vs the Holy Spirit

See, two options exist for receiving spiritual insight outside oneself – from evil spirits, or from the Holy Spirit as described in sacred texts. There is no middle, morally neutral source. Only these two streams flow from the supernatural realm to ours.

The Holy Spirit inhabits believers to comfort, teach and guide them according to God’s principles. Evil or deceiving spirits impart services and revelations steering people away from righteousness. This deception leaves spiritists unaware of divination spirits’ harm.

For example, Acts 16 describes a slave girl “having a spirit of divination…who brought her owners much profit by fortune-telling.” People saw her foretelling ability as a money-making asset. In reality though, this spirit fed the girl revelations to deepen her bondage and exploit others.

You might wonder if some divination springs from well-meaning spiritual sources. But remember – only two options exist…and demons use cunning disguises!

Forbidden for Good Reason

Why does God explicitly prohibit all forms of divination if some messages seem positive or innocuous? Let’s explore key reasons.

Provokes God’s anger

Firstly, per Deuteronomy 18, divination constitutes outright rebellion towards God. In 2 Chronicles 33, King Manasseh “practiced soothsaying (divination) and sorcery…provoking God to anger.” Dabbling in psychic realms apart from God stirs His jealousy and judgement.

Led to exile

Israel’s captivity also links directly to embracing spiritual counterfeits like divination. Through Jeremiah, God said, “your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; they have not exposed your iniquity to restore your fortunes, but have seen for you oracles that are false and misleading.” Sorcerous spirits brought lies rather than revealing or correcting sin as God desired, thus contributing to judgment.

Delusion poses as guidance

Another reason God forbids it? Divination offers false guidance versus truth. Isaiah 8:19 warns, “when they say to you, ‘Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,’ should not a people consult their God?” Rather than hear clearly from the Spirit of God, divination spirits murmur manipulation, dragging people away from their divine purpose.

Taps demonic insight

As we’ve discussed, familiar spirits pouring demonic wisdom through diviners violate God’s plan for giving spiritual insight to mankind. As 1 Corinthians 2 explains, Holy Spirit teaches believers so we can understand the gifts of God. Divination illegally accesses satanic intelligence apart from Him.

Hopefully you better understand the darkness behind those mystic personality quizzes and zodiac predictions! But what are some everyday ways this obscure spirit manifests itself?

Is the Use of Eggs in Biblical Prayers Related to the Spirit of Divination?

The practice of praying with eggs biblically has been a topic of debate among scholars. Some argue that the use of eggs in biblical prayers is related to the spirit of divination, while others believe it is simply a cultural tradition. The true origins and meanings behind this practice remain a subject of speculation.

Red Flags: Signs Divination has Infected Your Everyday

Divination today might look less like a turbaned psychic with a crystal ball, and more like that trendy horoscope app! Check out some common (and sneaky) symptoms this manipulative spirit has slipped into your day-to-day routine:

Fortune-telling obsession

Do you sneakily scan your “stars” during lunch breaks or team meetings when you think nobody’s looking? Repeatedly seeking your fate from sources other than God signals bondage to deception and delusion.

Justifying superstitions

When you avoid ladders ordiss a possibility because your palm reader said so, you’ve submitted your decision making to demonic wisdom. Such reliance on omens and superstitions gives spirits of divination sway.

Generational curses

Psychic sensitives running in your family line point to generational oppression from evil spirits. Powerful divination spirits likely have legal access into your destiny through ancestral activities.

False prophets

Self-proclaimed prophets spewing vague timelines for Mr. Right to arrive or fortunes to reverse could battle familiar spirits. Especially if their revelations breed fear, false urgency or ongoing dependency rather than encourage biblical principles.

As you can see, once a person tolerates seemingly innocent occult practices, further deception ensues!

Now that you better understand divination and the sneaky demonic spirit behind it, let’s unpack keys to slamming closed this doorway of Satanic influence.

Shut the Door: Conquering DIVINATION

Shutting out spirits of deception bringing dark predictions takes more than positive vibes and wishful thinking. Consider these steps:

Discern Spirits

Clues we’ve already covered can help identify divination’s activity. Another tell-tale sign? What’s the spirit saying about Jesus? As Acts 16 and 1 Corinthians 12 show, Holy Spirit always magnifies God the Son!

Repent Deeply

Bring ungodly soul ties, ancestral and personal divination to Christ through intentional prayer. Ask Him to reveal blind spots, then fully surrender them! Destroy lingering artifacts or connections perpetuating access.

Own Authority

Cast out the spirit directly in Jesus’ name while also renouncing agreements made. Then seal entry points through declarations steeped in Scriptures on obeying God and rejecting evil spirits.

Embrace Holy Counsel

Finally, fill your atmosphere with Truth by studying Jesus’ words. Seek the voice of Holy Spirit rather than searching demonic realms for direction. Surround yourself with believers on same mission!

While the war continues raging for our devotion, we hold power to reject Satan’s FAMILIAR SPIRITS FEEDING counterfeit insight and anchor to Holy Spirit’s wisdom. Align with God and banish physic hotlines from speed dial!

The next time your buddy asks about your zodiac compatibility score, you can school them on the dark force manifesting behind those seemingly harmless horoscopes and personality tests! Spiritual enlightenment awaits those walking in TRUTH!