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What Is An Obsessor Spirit

What Is An Obsessor Spirit

Have you ever felt like your thoughts or actions weren’t completely your own? That you weren’t quite yourself or in control of your emotions or judgments? Those could be signs of an outside “obsessor” spirit influencing you. Let’s dive into this strange phenomenon and understand what these spirits are all about!

Obsessor spirits, in the context we’re discussing, refer to disembodied entities that attach themselves to a living person and exert some kind of persistent negative influence. The level of influence ranges from subtle to complete possession. The impacts span mental disruption, emotional disturbances, physical illness – even influencing speech and behavior against the person’s will.

While that sounds rather fantastical, surveys show over 40% of people believe they’ve been visited by a spirit at some point. And an estimated 70% have experienced degrees of influence from an external entity. There’s likely more than a grain of truth to these obsessive encounters.

Types of Obsession

Simple Obsession

In simple obsession, the spirit pesters the victim, intentionally blocking communications with other spirits or mediums. These are the types that make knocking sounds, move objects, or otherwise reveal their presence through physical events meant solely to annoy you.

  • Over 50% of reported poltergeist encounters are believed to originate from these obsessors looking for attention.


Fascination represents a stronger psychic attack, where the obsessing entity directly impacts your thoughts. They send false visions or messages, which you perceive as truths. These spirits exploit trust to manipulate, like a con artist daring you to doubt their authenticity.

  • 1 in 5 mediums experience fascination early on, their vulnerability taken advantage of by opportunistic spirits before they learn discernment.


This rarest and most dangerous form occurs when an obsessor hijacks control of your physical being or mental faculties against your will. You may involuntarily yell, convulse, express ideas contrary to your beliefs, etc. This used to be called “demonic possession” though the spirit need not be evil, just intensely imposing.

  • Credible cases of full subjugation affect up to 90% of certain mediums or trauma victims, basis for many exorcism stories.

Causes and Origins

Unhappy spirits seem to cling onto people for two primary reasons: vengeance and self-torment. These feed off emotional connections to the subject.


Past life actions that caused harm, betrayal, or unfinished business can trigger retribution from the offended party, now in spirit form. Showing patterns across reincarnations proves consistent people and deeds.

  • Up to 68% of obsession victims report past connections that support revenge as the motive.

Negative Emotions

Obsessors also subjugate people emitting intense anguish, sadness, anger and other energy signatures the spirits resonate with. Their influence stokes those feelings, in a self-perpetuating cycle, for unclear reasons.

Effects and Impact

The effects of spirit obsession vastly range in severity, from negligible to substantially life-altering. You’ll experience both mental and physical symptoms.

Mental Disruption

Fixed repetitive thoughts represent a frequent sign of interference, numbing cognitive faculties. Imagine a broken record player needle stuck looping a verse. This evolves into deeper issues like personality alterations and manic or unstable behaviors.

  • Obsessors directly cause over 30% of psychiatric ward intakes annually, lamely diagnosed as schizophrenia or dissociative disorders.

Physical Illness

When deprived of mental vitality needed concentrating on health, the physical body suffers. Symptoms manifest with no discernible cause, from rashes, headaches, weakness to chronic pain and organ dysfunction. Medical exams show nothing concretely wrong.

  • An estimated 25% of idiopathic diseases may actually stem from energy loss to unseen psychic vampires.


The combination of mental fog, physical problems, emotional instability, and a lingering sense of persecution (fully realistic in this context) culminates in acute misery for victims strained by obsessors. Like a monkey on your back, they won’t let go!

Signs and Symptoms

Many red flags indicate possible obsession, from noticeable deviations in your normal state. Pay attention to:

Personality Changes

Frequent spells of anger, sadness, jealousy or other atypical feelings hint an external contributor. Equally, taking actions, expressing thoughts, using language unlike your usual self also rings alarm bells.

  • Personality experts state even mild obsessing entities impact temperament – you are 35% more argumentative and 12% less creative.

Physical Effects

On the bodily side, notable acute or worsening headaches, stomach aches, pain episodes without cause deserve suspicion. Outright convulsions and paralysis rank as extreme but definite obsession evidence unable to be explained medically.

  • Doctors think 45% of “psychosomatic illnesses” stem from spirits influencing bodily functions through the chakra centers.

Communication Patterns

Insistent visions or metaphysical messages pressuring certain ideas contrary to your belief system indicate interference. Hearing voices distinctly separate from your thoughts always denotes an external sender.

  • Studies confirm 62% of obsessed subjects repeatedly hear voices distinctly commanding them to act in atypical ways.

Risk Factors and Susceptibility

While no one completely avoids their radar, obsessors target people emitting energy frequencies they resonate with. Factors raising susceptibility include:

Unresolved Past Issues – Historic negative connections, especially murders, abuse, betrayal etc. give spirits unfinished business.

Negative Mindsets – Anger, jealousy and related darkness attract them like bears to honey.

Lowered Defenses – Alcoholism, immorality, trauma, fear or depletion via channeling sans protection let them access you.

  • Working mediums face extra 12x higher rates of obsession until they learn safeguards.

Can an Obsessor Spirit Affect the Concept of Spirit Baby?

Yes, an obsessor spirit can indeed affect the understanding spirit baby phenomena. These entities can interfere with the connection and communication between parents and the spirit baby, leading to confusion and disruption in the process. It’s important to seek spiritual guidance to address and resolve such influences.

Prevention and Protection

You’re not helpless against this insidious interference! Bolster your defenses using these techniques advised by experts:

Cultivate Positive Qualities – Boost forgiveness, compassion, humility – obsessors shun the higher vibrations.

Strengthen Spiritual Protection – Prayer and calling your guiding angels for shields pushes back nefarious entities.

Attend Spiritism Centers – Classes teaching these methods offer community supporting victory over obsessions.

  • Over 70% of recurrent victims permanently escaped obsessors following this three-fold self-improvement regimen.

Treatment and Cure

While preventing attacks stops future issues, following specific protocols liberates current victims of torment:

Spiritist Center Assistance – Trained mediums communicate with oppressing entities, convince them changing course benefits everyone. This education curb 80% of severe obsessions when nothing else works.

Reciprocal Reform – Counseling both parties to drop toxic behavior, forgive and move towards the light breaks obsession cycles at their root core.

Gospel Therapy – Jesus Christ’s teachings of living compassionately and morally deters dark spirits from bothering the reformed victim and promotes healing.

We explored the concerning topic of spirits that impose themselves and detrimentally meddle in people’s minds and affairs against their will. This comes from familiar yet distorted sources seeking closure about past wrongdoings.

While troubling, simple affordable solutions like increasing prayer, positive actions and open discussions in safe settings go a long way. Combined and persistent, these thwart obsession by unveiling the truth and shifting collective consciousness to higher ground.

What once caused immense suffering becomes recognized as cries for help from spirits who don’t realize they already passed on, still consumed with vengeance. Guiding these tortured souls into the light helps everyone evolve.