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What Happened to the Naughty Monkey

Monkey is a monkey that is naughty. Monkey likes to do naughty things, too. One day, Monkey is on the computer.

Monkey is on the Internet. He sees a funny picture of a monkey. Monkey laughs and laughs. He likes that funny monkey picture.

Monkey then decides to think up a funny picture of his own. He thinks and thinks. He decides to draw a funny picture of a monkey. He draws a monkey on a tricycle. He puts his drawing on the Internet.

This character is known for his mischievous acts and it is said that he hurt other monkeys and people. The following story is based on a true incident.

It was a cool, sunny morning in the jungle when the naughty monkey was found wounded and lying on the ground.

The other monkeys were all over him. Some were trying to help him while the others were trying to prevent them from doing so.

The naughty monkey was bleeding profusely. His body was crushed by a large tree. Some of the monkeys tried to get some leaves and tried to stop the blood with them.