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Welcome to Tansamai


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the first post written on the brand new and improved Tansamai website.


It will get populated with interesting article all about Buddhism, spirituality, meditation and topics of those ilk.

For now, this is just a very quick post to welcome readers to the site. To find out more about why I started Tansamai and what it is all about, please visit the About Tansamai page which should fill you in a bit more.

I have always been interested in meditation and its effects on the body. How it can really clam us down and help us to focus on the issues that are really important, thereby discarding superfluous problems and ridiculous things.

For more about this, check out the Meditation category which will slowly fill up wit all kinds of interesting articles, written by me and some former monks that I work with. You will gain a insight about what it really means to meditate, both in the religious and physical sense.

Spirituality is another matter that has gripped my interest. From religion to tradition to plain old generational passing down of stories and practices, the way we find peace through some kind of spirituality is really quite interesting and even an small insight into the working of the human mind.

Find all articles relating to this subject in the Spirituality category, and understand about what it means to Buddhists and also how it connects humans from around the globe.

Laos is also very close to my heart for reasons explained in the About page. In the Laos category, I will populate with articles ranging from the language to the people. I will use real life Lao people to document their stories growing up and living in Laos in the modern day.

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer 🙂