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The Wobbly Chocolate Teapot

As you know, there are many things in life that are labeled as “the best”.  

While I am a fan of lists and love reading about the best things in life, I do not agree that any one thing can be the best.  

When it comes to chocolate teapots, I love the ones that are the wobbly ones.  

I think they are the best.  

The wobbly chocolate teapot is a thought experiment about a teapot placed on a flat surface that is perfectly balanced in such a way that it can rotate about its center in all directions.

This teapot consists of a solid, spherical body with a lid on the top and a spout on the bottom. The teapot is supported by a small, frictionless, horizontal flat plane so that it is in equilibrium.

In fact, the teapot is so well balanced that it remains upright even if the plane is tilted.

In this thought experiment, it is assumed that the spout is connected to a pipe that leads to a reservoir of hot water. The teapot is filled with a mixture of