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Andara Crystal Properties: What they are and how they work

Andara Crystal Properties

Andara Crystals are classified as master crystals that come with healing abilities that are powerful in order to increase awareness and vibration, along with accessing universal knowledge.

These crystals are also used to open up DNA activation and psychic gifts. This is a healing crystal that works on clearing and balancing the 3 Brains, which is made up of the Head, Heart, and Gut.

Andara Crystal properties are able to speed up the processes involved in spiritual development and help the user of the crystal to manifest their path to their True Authentic Self.

The original Andara Crystals are found in a high-energy vortex site. This location is in the High Sierra Nevada’s on Mount Shasta situated in northern California.

These crystals were first discovered in 1967 by Lady Nellie, an Indian medicine woman. Andaras were also found in South Africa.

Tests conducted on the soil where these crystals were discovered contained high levels of monatomic elements.

The Monatonic Nature Of Andara Crystal Properties

The Andara Crystal properties are Montomic in their nature. This means that the Monatomic metallic elements in these crystals are classified as single-atom metal elements.

These elements behave in a different manner when compared to normal metals. They possess a number of properties that have been confirmed. When heated to very high temperatures, they turn into a material that is almost glass-like. In some ways, they have a similar religious and metaphysical connection to humans as the humble pearl.

The Andara Crystals contain Prima Matra, which is an Etherium that combines 70 minerals. These have an intense healing effect on the human body to balance, protect, and clear our delicate energy fields.

Andaras Are High-Frequency Crystals

These crystals are not from our planet but rather from a star-system beyond our earth. These crystals are linked to limitless possibilities.

They are inclined to raise and enhance our vibration, along with increasing our telepathic abilities and intuition, which helps us to connect to what is known as our higher Divine-Self.

This brings about strong feelings of inner peace, harmony, and joy.

The first experience I had with an Andara Crystal was truly profound. At that stage, I had never heard of an Andara Crystal before, and when I held the crystal, I immediately felt the energy flowing from the crystal in my hand into my heart and up into my Crown Chakra.

I experienced a type of energy that I had not felt before. I immediately made the decision to buy them. Without any research about these crystals, I slept that night with one on my Heart Chakra.

That night I experienced extremely vivid dreams where I was traveling through several dimensions. After this experience, I returned to my trustworthy source and purchased many more Andara Crystals.

However, the Andara Crystals are also known as controversial, with some believing that these crystals are just pieces of slag glass. Yet from my personal experience with authentic Andara crystals, I truly believe these stones offer among the highest of vibrational crystals that we have on our planet.

It has been said that you will only be able to bond to one of these crystals when the time is right for you, and similar to other types of crystals, it needs to become a Vibrational Match.

Andara Crystal Colors And Possibilities

The Andara Crystals come in a variety of colors, yet what is interesting about these stones is that they will choose you when it comes to bonding with them. Here is a list of some of the colors that the Andara Crystals come in:


These are powerful stones that are able to travel between different worlds without restraints or restrictions. This stone helps to clear away things that are blocking intuition, along with clearing central channels like the heart to the crown. The purple Andaras also work on aligning the heart to divine forces.

Green and Gold

These stones bring wisdom, promote creativity, and help you to connect to the Divine Source. The gold Andaras are pure wisdom stones that help you to ground to zero while integrating feminine and masculine polarities inside you.


These are extremely powerful brown-golden stones. They provide direction to your decisions and offer mental and emotional strength. You can compare this stone to a type of cosmic and magical wand that inconceivably extends in a harmonious and vast time or space.

White or Clear

This is regarded as the colors of light that are able to permeate all reality and transcend time and space while revealing to us our true natures.

Electric Yellow

The yellow Andaras are inclined to bring your life back into rhythm. They also help to stimulate the connection between the soul and the heart.

Tara Green

This is a stone that is known for igniting magic in our hearts. It is also known for its purity when it comes to heartfelt prayers. It can assist you with unlocking and energizing your potential.

Electric Green

These stones are able to bring a more vibrant glow into your life. When light passes through these stones, they open up portals for transformation and healing.

Ocean Blue

This is a stone that can bring the ocean’s energy into your life. This is accompanied by tranquility and clarity, along with compassion and appreciation for living things.

Merlin Blue

These stones hold an energy of alchemy and magic. They can bring about vision, and manifestation and provide you with access to a connection with celestial realms and dimensions.

Ice Blue

These stones are light and clear with a slightly bluish tint. They can restore compassion, harmony, peace, acceptance, and grace. They also tend to bring about channels associated with divine energy and peaceful changes. This stone also holds Mother Energy.

Cobalt Blue

These are deep blue and intense stones that clear both physically and etherically. They also tend to transcend old paradigms into the next vibration level.


This crystal contains just about all the properties and characteristics of the Andara Crystals. This is a stone that primarily works with a generational heritage that clears away past life-related problems from DNA.

It also renews your cellular memory while cleansing the spirit, mind, and body. The high levels of salt and water in these stones are important to clear emotional calmness and to rebuild your cellular memory while providing the stability and strength to walk through life in a very powerful way.

Seafoam Andara crystals also increase your state of awareness, activate abilities to accelerate and challenge the processes involved in spiritual development, and increase accessibility to universal knowledge.


The pink Andara crystals bring forth unconditional love along with a sweetness from your heart which helps individuals to connect to their inner self. It also assists with restoring your grace and creates a loving protective shield around you.

Elestial Sapphire

This is a crystal of pure “blue ray” and comes in light blue to cobalt. These are vibrational stones that bring about unlimited streams of joy. They also work on restoring harmony, balance, peace, and grace.

Ethereal Mint

These stones come in mild to pale green colors. They tend to bring forth a resonance that is sacred of freedom, joy, kindness, and hospitality. These stones also embrace and recognize the spark that is present in all of us.


This is a stone that provides you with gratitude to look at others without any judgments.

Aqua Lemuria

This is a stone that offers you a way to speak directly from your heart while connecting to the energy of whales and dolphins that allows you to flow with life’s rhythms. It offers the calmness and cool of the ocean. It also activates the high heart and the throat.

Akashic Oracle Clear

Clear/white is a color associated with Light, that permeates reality, and transcends space and time, helping to reveal your true nature. This stone also helps with channeling abilities along with access to Akashic records. These stones connect to innocence and purity.

Blue Merlin

These stones bring powerful connections along with celestial realms and abundant alchemy. It provides for energy movement in a spiritually uplifting and energetic way.

Emerald Green

This is a high-vibrational Andara that can connect your being to Gaia, Abundance, the Natural Elements, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Fertility.

Emerald Green is one of the powerful healers because it works alongside Emerald Ray. The andara crystal properties offer direct and multi-dimensional access when it comes to wisdom and sacred knowledge.

Lady Nellie Andara

This is the Andara Crystal that contains Lady Nellie’s spiritual-heart energies who was a Shaman that originally found these crystals. This is a Divine Will Andara that represents the true power of cause, intent, centralization, unity, and direction.

It brings about protection, faith, strength, and power. This is a stone of profound healing, compassion, and transmutation.

Genuine and true Andaras have been present since the era of the Crystal Temples in Lemuria and Atlantis. They are believed to be the very Highest Vibrational Crystals on our planet.

How To Work With Andara Crystals

Genuine Andara crystal properties have energetic radius’s up to 500 feet, and you can store them on a bedside table. It is recommended to sleep with an Andara Crystal either near or on your body.

I suggest using them on your Heart Chakra. You can also place them inside a pillowcase or under your pillow.

From my personal experience, it can take up to a week in order to calibrate my body with new Andara Crystal properties. I also find that the energy from these stones can keep you awake at night.

When this occurs rather sleep close to the stone rather than on your body. You can expect some wild and incredibly vivid dreams. Andaras help with multidimensional-travel across space and time.

You can either align your crystal over your body while lying down or hold one in your hand while you meditate.

The Andara Crystals love water and the sun, in order to charge them every now and again. You don’t have to worry about clearing these crystals.

Tips On How To Choose An Andara Crystal

Allow your heart to make the decision on which stone is meant for you and see if andara crystal properties have the desired effect on you. The descriptions may be great, yet it is important to connect with an Andara Crystal and this is made possible by feeling and looking at them.

Your Heart Chakra will respond accordingly. You will notice that there will be a stone that strikes a chord with your heart.

If you have decided to buy a variety of Andara Crystals, use the descriptions to choose the ones that appeal to you.