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The Mouse and the Teapot

There once was a mouse
Who loved a teapot,
One day she said,
“Would you be with me forever?”
“Yes, I would,” he answered,
And they both lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time, a mouse lived in a teapot.

The pot was made of ceramic, with a small opening just large enough for the mouse to fit through.

The mouse moved in soon after the pot was placed on the stove. The stove was warm, cozy, and protected the mouse from the other animals.

The mouse could watch the sunset through the window, and the stove top held a variety of snacks for the mouse to eat.

The only thing the mouse did not like about the teapot was the lid. The lid was heavy and always blocked the hole to the stove.

The mouse considered moving out and living in a house, or even an apartment.

As a young mouse, I was an aspiring writer who had never written anything before in my life.

I would spend hours sitting at my desk, gazing at a blank sheet of paper with my pencil in hand, and daydream about the incredible stories that I would one day write.

Yet, despite all my daydreaming, I never actually wrote anything down.