The Jupiter Vole Found Love

It’s always worth the wait
To fall in love
And nothing can compare
To the feeling of a heart that’s near.

He loved her from first sight,
The Jupiter Vole found love,
And all the beauty in the world,
But soon his dream would end.

The Jupiter Vole found love
It was in a place he couldn’t ignore,
He saw her in a place he shouldn’t have found,
He saw her and knew he had found his queen.

Love is a beautiful thing
When it finds you
And promises you the world
And it’s a gift
That keeps on giving
From the moment you are born.

The Jupiter Vole found love
In a very unlikely place,
That love and he escaped,
And he’s free now and very, very, very, very, very happy!

The Jupiter Vole found love
Found it with the moon.
A love that would not bend,
A love that was pure,
A love that would not bring harm

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