How To Start Meditating from a real Novice Monk

In this post, I am going talk about the way to meditate properly the Buddhist way (Therevada). This is taken directly from a novice monk that I taught called Novice Jasmine (not his real name but one he prefers to use?), from his website : http://www.novicelarsaiyageth.jimdo.com/. The original is there to be seen as well as many other interesting …

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meditation infographic

Benefits of Meditation Infographic

  Share this Image On Your Site </p> <p><strong>Please include attribution to https://www.tansamai.com/ with this graphic.</strong></p> <p><a href=’https://www.tansamai.com/meditation-infographic/’><img src=’https://www.tansamai.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Meditation-inforaphic.jpg’ alt=’Tansamai Benefits of Meditation Infographic’ width=’540px’ border=’0′ /></a></p> <p> So this is my first attempt at a (very basic) meditation infographic, so please be kind. If you want to be mean then that is also fine …

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