Starting Yoga at Home For Beginners

Best Yoga Poses

How To Start Yoga At Home For Beginners in a handy infographicStarting Yoga at Home For Beginners in 6 different poses. I love yoga and I love being able to portray if for those starting out in an infographic format, because I feel that they are really good at conveying lots of information in a nice …

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Benefits of Meditation Infographic

meditation infographic

  Share this Image On Your Site </p> <p><strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p> <p><a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’Tansamai Benefits of Meditation Infographic’ width=’540px’ border=’0′ /></a></p> <p> So this is my first attempt at a (very basic) meditation infographic, so please be kind. If you want to be mean then that is also fine …

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