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Something A Bit Different!

Flat vector image of a retro camera

So as some of you may or may not know, I enjoy amateur photography as a bit of a hobby. In fact I have so many photos that I want to make a small image gallery on Tansamai to show them off because I’m vain like that!

Anyway, here is a very nice infographic describing the process of taking photos. However the kicker here is that it is talking about old school film photography.

Now I have never really used film before and I got into taking photos when digital was just getting into full swing. That said I would still very much like to give film a shot (I am not sorry for the pun) and see what I can get up to.

The big issue for me is that I live in Laos which has kind of skipped a generation of technology and jumped straight into the 21C. What this means is that most people here are only interested in the latest and greatest products, usually manifesting as smartphones.

Nevertheless I will continue to look for a film camera (I might even get my sister in London to send one over if she can find a good one).

So why did I post this if it is all about film and most people will probably use digital?

Well for a simple reason really. Most of the information here is still relevant to digital photography and even taking snaps on your phone.

For example, the rule of thirds can be used with whatever you are using.

So have a read and if you enjoy it, you can check out the guys and gals at who made it (link also included in the graphic itself).

It is also worth mentioning that I found it on so you have at look there as well.

Enjoy 🙂

The manual photographers cheat sheet infographic