Quick Quotes

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Quick Quotes, I will briefly analyse certain quotes that I think are noteworthy. Many times we often see quotes on social media or the web, without really knowing what they mean right down at the core. This is fine if you just want a little lift in the day, but sometimes we don’t do these quotes justice.

This also means that I can update with new material a bit more regularly. This is because the general posts I write consume a lot more time and come in at around 1000+ words and involve much research.

Who will be analysed her, I do not know. I will just put up some interesting, thought provoking, scientific, religious, spiritual and funny quotes that tickle my interest and massage my mind.

Also if anyone has any input that you would like to include such as if you may interpret the quotes differently or you know of similar quotes, please put them in the comments and hopefully we can have an engaging conversation together 🙂