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Benefits of Meditation Infographic

meditation infographic

meditation infographic


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So this is my first attempt at a (very basic) meditation infographic, so please be kind. If you want to be mean then that is also fine but be aware, I know Kung Fu!

I created this using Adobe Illustrator and I hope to add some more meditation infographic like this in future articles.

To see the full list including 2 more reasons backed up with sources, if you check out my 10 reasons to meditate post from a while ago.

If ou enjoyed this, then make sure to check out infographic about starting yoga at home for beginners.

Please feel free to share it and use in your own projects if you like it and think others would as well. I only ask that you do not alter it and tell people where you got it from, i.e. Tansamai.

So I hope you enjoy and as per usual, signup using the various BLUE boxes around the place, and you will receive more like this directly into your brain inbox.

If you love / hate/ want to say hello, then please use the comments box below and I will be sure to say thanks / sorry / hey, in reply.