Passport full of stamps

How Do I Get A Lao Visa?

This is a guest post written by Greg Wright of New Zealand and has lived in Luang Prabang, Laos for around 5 years now. A Kiwi who has gone from a small town in New Zealand, to a casino on Australia’s Gold Coast, to teaching Buddhist monks in Laos with a world of travel and … Read more

Lao Coffee 2

Lao Coffee

Everybody loves coffee. OK well maybe not everyone, but everyone on the internet seems to love the stuff because the place is full of coffee based information and infographics. TL;DR: scroll down to the bottom for the infographic! Well I am going to add to the deluge of coffee infographics by giving you my own … Read more

A Bit About Laos

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o here we go again, another infographic. I am really getting into making these and already have another one lined up and ready to go after a few new posts about mediation. I quite like this style of conveying information because it is quick and to the point. However the one downside is that it … Read more

I love Lao language

So How About That Lao Language?

Is it Lao’d in here or is it just me Sorry bad pun I know  🙁   The Laotian language is interesting and varied. It is also bloody difficult to get your head around! If you are speaker of a Latin based language (which I will just call English from here on out for ease of … Read more