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How You Might Feel After Meditating Crossword Clue

How You Might Feel After Meditating Crossword Clue

The Moment of Puzzle Frustration

Have you ever struggled with a tricky crossword clue that you just couldn’t seem to crack? As you stare at the blank boxes on the grid, wracking your brain for the right word, the frustration mounts. You might even feel your heart rate and blood pressure rising.

But what if that clue was pointing you towards an experience of inner calm?

The popular crossword clue “How you might feel after meditating” often stumps solvers. However, unpacking the meaning can provide insight into the power of meditation for relaxing the mind. Let’s break down this clue step-by-step to reveal how crosswords and meditation surprisingly complement one another.

Why Meditation Leads to Feeling Calm

To understand the crossword clue, you first need to grasp what happens during meditation. Meditation involves sitting quietly and turning your attention inward. As you focus on the present moment, breathing slowly, your mind and body start to settle.

Research shows that meditation triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, essentially hitting your biological “relax” switch. Heart rate slows. Blood pressure decreases. Stress hormone levels decline. You might feel a wave of calm wash over you.

Some describe this as entering a state of steadiness, clear-headedness and self-possession. External pressures fade away and you gain insight into your inner landscape. It’s no wonder meditators often report feeling profoundly peaceful and relaxed.

So when the crossword clue asks “How you might feel after meditating”, the answer becomes apparent – calm.

Breaking Down and Solving the Clue

However, don’t assume a crossword clue is straightforward. You still need to break it down methodically.

Start by analyzing the clue phrase-by-phrase. The words “how” and “might” indicate this will describe a possible state or outcome. “You” tells you it’s talking about one’s personal experience.

“Feel” means we want an emotion or physical sensation. And “after meditating” means as a result of the act of meditating.

With this parsing, it becomes clear we need a word or short phrase summing up a calm emotional state. Peaceful, relaxed, serene or tranquil could potentially fit. But the most universally-used word is “calm”.

To confirm, check a thesaurus. Synonyms for calm include composed, still, collected, unruffled – all aligning with how one might feel post-meditation.

So “calm” clicks as the clue solution. But in crosswords, expect the unexpected! So check the puzzle specifications – number of letters, publication date, etc – to ensure it aligns.

Now fill in those boxes confidently!

Embracing Calm Within the Chaos

Beyond solving the clue, there is a deeper meaning to uncover here. Both crosswords and meditation require slowing down, concentrating deeply and avoiding distraction. They involve moving past frustration to perseverance.

And remarkably, they can both cultivate that inner calm we all crave. As the Hindu sage Patañjali put it: “Yoga(meditation) is the settling of the mind into silence.”

So the next time you feel your mind racing and your heart clenching, step back and meditate, even for a few minutes. Let the stillness settle in. There will always be crossword clues you can’t yet solve. But with focused awareness, you can always find that place of calm within.

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