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How To Faith A Life Bible Reading Plan

Creating a Bible reading plan can feel overwhelming. Will you understand what you read? Will you stay motivated? You want enriching time with God, not frustration. But here’s a secret: With the right approach, Bible reading plans will elevate your faith like nothing else. Let’s dive into the steps for creating a Kick-Butt Scripture Study Routine you’ll actually stick to!

First, we’ll pick an awesome reading plan. Then, we’ll set up a study sanctuary on the amazing Faithlife app. We’ll lock down strategies to stay engaged long-term. We’ll customize and tweak things along the way so your routine works for YOU. And for all you social butterflies? Tips for doing this with friends! Arm yourself with determination and some caramel macchiato foam, people, because transforming faith ahead!

Choosing Your Adventure: Picking the Perfect Bible Reading Plan

With so many reading plan options out there, deciding where to start can make your brain go fuzzier than a 70s shag carpet. But let your goals guide you! Consider these factors:

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Do you want to read the entire Bible? Focus on certain books? There are 1-year plans that highlight the Bible’s overall narrative. Or sample key sections with a plan focused on Wisdom Literature like Psalms. If understanding Scripture context is your goal, choose a chronological plan. Want to reflect more on Jesus’ life? Check out the Gospels plan.

What’s Your Time frame?

Are you pacing yourself with a year-long trek through the Testaments? Or immersed in a binge-worthy 2-week study of Colossians? Don’t overload your schedule—it’s not sustainable. But make sure you carve out enough time for substance. Find your Bible study sweet spot and choose your plan duration accordingly. Studies show the average person can read the entire Bible comfortably in 4 years.

Who’s It For?

Are you riding solo on this faith journey, or do you want to saddle up with friends? Solo study lets you reflect at your own pace without distractions. But group plans build community while keeping everyone engaged. If you already have a Faithlife group, start there. If not, round up 2-4 Bible Study Buddies willing to commit with you. Accountability partners help so much!

With those factors in mind, skim the most popular premade reading plans below and see what grabs you!

Chronological Bible Plan

  • Covers entire Bible in 1 year
  • Arranged in exact historic timeline order
  • Helps you understand context

Psalms and Wisdom Books Plan

  • 6 months focusing just on poetic/wisdom books
  • Includes Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job
  • Great for finding “how to live” guidance

New Testament Challenge

  • 90 days of just New Testament
  • Dives deep fast into Jesus’ story
  • Very inspirational and motivating

Kids Bible Study Plan

  • Highlights key Bible stories for children
  • Engaging themes and language
  • Builds great foundations for young faith

If none of those feel quite right, go for a Custom Plan instead! Choose your own book range, start date, length, and more. Tailor it to your exact spiritual growth needs.

Now that we’ve picked an amazing reading plan suited to your goals, let’s dive into getting it launched. Setting things up properly will make actually doing your ambitious Bible study routine feel easy-breezy.

Welcome to Scripture-Reading Paradise: The Faithlife Bible App

If we want to stick with our reading plans long-term, we need an amazing digital platform, right? Cue the Faithlife Bible app—your new Bible study BFF! Downloading this free app gives you uber helpful tools for understanding God’s Word. Let’s tour the reading plan features so you can set up shop.

To access reading plans, tap the “hamburger” menu icon, then choose “Reading Plans” from the sidebar. Next tap that little “plus” button to create your fabulous plan!

A world of options appears to customize your experience. Select which Bible version you want so Scripture resonates. Need guidance understanding thee’s and thou’s? Try the Lexham English Bible. Prefer the poetic flow of the King James? Go for it!

Choose a start date—jump right in today with the default, or pick a future date if you need time to prep. Building up that holy anticipation!

Here’s an exciting feature: Want to do your reading plan with a Faithlife Group? Tap “by myself” and select your Group to issue invites. Connecting as you study makes Scripture come alive through discussion. If a group member misses readings, kindly nudging them with encouragement really helps consistency!

Lastly, tap “Generate Plan” and watch your customized schedule get built! Name your plan something fun like “Wisdom Literature Challenge” or “90 Days Bible Blitz” to set your intentions.

Don’t forget to save your new reading plan to the Dashboard by tapping those three dots in the upper corner. This makes starting daily readings ultra simple. Just open the Faithlife app and boom—your plan is waiting on the Home Screen!

Locking In the Habit: Rock Your Reading Plan Daily

Alright friends, we’ve laid the groundwork—now comes the actual reading! I know, I know, easier said than done some days. But a few tricks will have you looking forward to this revitalizing me-time for connecting with the Divine. Here are habit hacks to go the distance with your reading plan:

1. Cue Up Those App Reminders

In your Faithlife app, enable daily notifications for sound, vibration, snail mail messenger—whatever it takes! When your reminder buzzes, drop everything and treat it as your sacred meeting with the Most High. Protect that priority time, no matter how subtle the invite.

2. Dive In! (And Check Off Progress)

Start strong by marking today’s reading DONE immediately. Even if you just read one chapter before rushing off, opening the app again and tapping “Mark Read” feels great—visible confirmation that you showed up! And don’t forget downloading your reading plan’s Bible translation for offline access. Queue up those chapters on your drive, in the waiting room, moments before bed; anytime you snatch extra minutes.

3. Write Your Reflections

Jot personal insights during downtimes between meetings. Use the Faithlife app’s notes feature or an old-fashioned journal. Questions to ponder: What verse stuck out today? How can I apply this? Capture reactions before they float away!

4. Discuss With Your People

Meet weekly, chat in your Faithlife group, call a friend you know is studying the same passages. Verbal processing cements those spiritual aha’s so much deeper. And you benefit from others’ perspectives!

Build these 4 elements into your routine now, while momentum’s high. They’ll boost consistency and enrichment more than you know.

Okay, so you’ve begun your reading plan feeling pumped up—way to go! But what about when obstacles inevitably arise, derailing our routines? How do we troubleshoot setbacks while keeping up Bible study motivation?

How Can I Incorporate the Many Mentions of Faith in the Bible into my Life Bible Reading Plan?

When creating a Bible reading plan, focus on passages that highlight the importance of faith mentioned in Bible. Include verses like Hebrews 11:1, which defines faith, and James 2:26, which emphasizes the link between faith and action. Let these verses challenge and inspire you to live out your faith daily.

Customisation for the Win! Flex Your Reading Plan

Maybe you need a study breather to prevent fatigue. Or forgot your phone 3 days in a row so logged no reading progress (yikes). When hiccups stall momentum, resist shame spirals! Reframe “failures” as helpful feedback nudging us to customize. Tweak your plan’s Bible version, schedule, notifications; whatever facilitates connecting again.

With Faithlife’s reading plan tools, simple adjustments get you back on track, no need to start completely over. Let’s explore modification options:

Switch Up That Bible Translation

If wordy passages in the King James Version drain you, try contemporary phrasing like the Christian Standard Bible. If familiar vocabulary breeds complacency, challenge yourself with a fresh interpretation like Amplified or Passion Translation.

Life Got Hectic? Just Pause

No law saying you can’t hit snooze on Bible reading for a week (or month) when times get crazy. Under Settings, temporarily disable reminders, then reenable when calm returns. Your place will be bookmarked till you resume.

It’s Okay to Abandon Ship

When feelings fizzle and frustration abounds no matter what, accept a given reading plan just didn’t align. Delete it if needed! Then use what you learned to create a new plan better matched to your lifestyle. Don’t force a bad fit—it rarely ends well.

Remember, tooling your reading plan takes some trial and error. But customizing for your quirks prevents giving up entirely. Be patient finding that Bible study sweet spot through flexible adjustments. The payoff? Lasting habits and authentic faith.

Band of Bible Brothers & Sisters: Reading Plans For Groups

We covered tips for solo Scripture study success. But as social creatures, doing life with others exponentially nurtures our souls—and reading plans are no exception! If your natural instinct is gathering a squad, partner up. Let’s discover how group Bible immersion takes spiritual growth to new heights:

Hop Into An Existing Group’s Plan

Is your church, small group class, or Faithlife Community doing a Bible challenge? Ask to join! Synchronized study keeps everyone engaged. You’ll gain new revelations discussing passages live versus months later during random encounters.

Launch Your Own Group Reading Plan

Start from scratch by creating a plan right in Faithlife’s app and inviting members connected to you already. Enjoy choosing study topics specifically tailored to where your group is now spiritually. And you’ll deepen friendships in the process!

Maximize Faith life Features

Beyond doing reading plans in unison, Faithlife facilitates active discussion. Create Community posts recaping insights from the day’s chapter. Schedule video Meetings analyzing intriguing sections. And don’t forget Mobile Chat—the perfect low-pressure way for shy members to ask questions without spotlight pressure.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Here’s the thing about communal Bible study—it expands perspectives beyond our bubbles. Various interpretations will surface on controversial passages. Lean into respectfully sitting with differing views without rushing to correct. Listening leads to growth!

If your group’s study time feels lackluster, don’t lose hope. Revisit these tips for injecting camaraderie and conversations nourishing faith.

Before We Part Ways…Remember This

And there we have it, friend! We covered step-by-step guidance to create Bible reading plans that actually stick through utilizing Faithlife’s amazing app. With an engaging translation, consistent reminders, discussion with others, and customizing as needed, your Scripture study habit will thrive!

If only one truth resonated today, let it be this: God’s Word is living and active. When we carve out quiet spaces listening to His Voice consistently, our restless souls find home. Transformation ripples through every life aspect. Stick with your reading plan through ups and downs—it’s so worth it.

Now dive in deep to the water’s He has waiting! Expect revelation, conviction, comfort, and mystery awaiting you. A vibrant faith journey lies ahead…