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How to Do a Spiritual Cleanse for Your Mind, Body & Soul

How to Do a Spiritual Cleanse for Your Mind, Body & Soul

Who doesn’t enjoy being in a peaceful, lovely place where things are looking up? Everyone wants to have that serene feeling, away from negativity. Moreover, we want to be in the present moment and feel tranquility. But do we all get those positive vibes? Why is it that those who are naturally happy and at peace are looked at as aliens? 

We all emphasize physical health and eating a healthy diet to feel healthy and maintain our bodies. However, do we do the same for our mental wellness? Do we healthily feed our minds and soul? Well, to be honest, most of us don’t!

Most people these days struggle with depression and negative emotions. In addition, they find it challenging to feel good and focus on the important things in life. The workload, academic pressure, and dysfunctional relationships are common these days. So, if you’re trying to find peace and comfort within yourself, this article is for you! We have gathered all the important information from experts to tell you when you need a spiritual cleansing and how to do it.

Signs You Need a Spiritual Detox

You Are Stuck in a Negative Cycle

Some days you wake up, and it doesn’t feel good. Moreover, you may find yourself unhappy throughout the day. But if this cycle continues every single day, there’s something fishy! Negative people also feel bad when they see someone happy and healthy. If you are irritated just by seeing other people happy, you desperately need a spiritual detox to regain positivity and tranquility. 

You Speak Negatively

A healthy soul never speaks to hurt others or spread negativity. Healthy people speak positively and empower others. However, negative people discourage and hurt others with their words. If you find yourself constantly just throwing away words without thinking about their impact on other people, you should look into the matter with more attention. 

You Constantly Feel Bored

Positive and healthy people indulge in healthy activities but don’t feel miserable or bored when doing nothing. Moreover, they feel serene and know they have a bigger life purpose. However, negative people lack a sense of purpose in their lives. Therefore, they indulge themselves in unhealthy time-consuming activities just to give them a kickstart to feel better. It is a vicious cycle, and one should be aware of it to get out of it.

Can a Spiritual Cleanse Help Prepare for a Spiritual Fast?

A spiritual cleanse can definitely help prepare for a spiritual fast. Engaging in practices such as meditation, prayer, and mindful eating can help create a sense of mental and emotional clarity, making it easier to adjust to the discipline and focus required during a spiritual fast.

How to Do a Spiritual Detox

How to Do a Spiritual Cleanse for Your Mind, Body & Soul

Twenty-Four-Hour Consciousness Cleanse for the Spirit

Just like a garden that needs to be nourished with water and sunlight and, at the same time, needs to get rid of weeds to thrive, your mind needs to let go and tackle at the same time to stabilize your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations. The twenty-four-hour consciousness cleanse is a way to clean, rejuvenate and nourish your soul. Moreover, it is the chance to eliminate all the negative and toxic emotions and feel healthy inside out. Here are the steps that you need to follow to carry out a twenty-four-hour spiritual cleanse:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

To start the consciousness cleanse, you must admit that you have consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or indeliberately, allowed these negative feelings to get inside you. For example, you won’t feel bad if someone calls you ugly and you ignore them. You only feel bad if you focus on that and interpret those words. This way, you let that toxicity take over and flourish inside you. Now you have two options: let the toxicity grow more or cleanse that out to feel good again. 

Consciously Refrain From Putting Anything in Your System

During your 24-hour conscious cleanse, you consciously choose to avoid anything that is not the high spiritual vibration. Declare it as a holy day, prayer day, or whatever you’d like to call it. Tell your friends, family, or colleagues in advance that you are unavailable for twenty-four hours. Alternatively, they can discuss anything with you if they have to before midnight. Make sure to tell them that you’re still warm towards them and any messages of love and affection are appreciated. 

Be Aware of the Toxicity

As they say, it gets worse before getting better. When you’re doing your soul cleanse or planning a holy day, most of the things that will come your way might be unholy. That’s how it works. Therefore, you must be aware of the toxic patterns to remove them.

Imagine Every Negative Thing that Happened

Imagine every negative thing that has happened to you. Recall everything negative said to you, like “you can’t do it” or “you did it wrong.” Imagine all these negative things like a black bead in your consciousness.

Imagine Every Negative Thing You Have Said to Yourself

Now, recall every negative thing you have said to yourself, like “I’m not good enough” or” I can’t do it.” Consider these words as more black beads enter your bloodstream. Now just think, how many beads are there? How much toxicity has to build inside? 

Think about all the times you blamed yourself for a decision or something you said. Add more black dots as you think of all this. Is this all building up now? Is it becoming heavy? Can you feel it?  

Let It All Out

Now that you have acknowledged all those toxic black beads and are aware of the toxicity imagine the weight of those toxic beads; imagine how heavy they are and how they feel. Try to see how this has hurt you, made you feel weaker, and affected your ability to love and be loved. Moreover, let yourself see how this toxicity has stopped you from achieving things in life and made you reluctant to receive positivity.

Now, just take a deep breath, a deep inhale, and a long exhale and let it all go. Let that toxicity and negativity leave your body and soul to make room for positivity and serenity. Feel that calm and tranquility entering your soul; just let it all be! 

Final Thoughts 

To become freer, you must change how you interpret the events in your life. Let all the negative energy get out of your mind and soul to feel alive and balanced. To be happy, you should be sure that all the good things you’ve done will eventually come to you at the right time. Don’t forget that you reap what you sow.