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How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Date

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Date

Using your numerology birth date can determine your life path number.

Each number in numerology represents certain character traits and life events.

By reducing the numbers in your birth date, you will arrive at a single digit, which is the life path number. Finding out what your life path number is can help you to understand yourself better, what you have to offer, and even who you’re compatible with.

Numerology Birth Date: Finding Your Life Path Number

To figure out the numerology birth date number, take the number of the month you were born, the day you were born and the year.

You’ll need to start off by reducing the date, in order to arrive at a single digit. Add the day, the month and the year.

For the days, if you were born on a double digit day, such as the 22nd, you’ll simply add 2 +2, to arrive at the number four. For your birth year, you’ll add each number.

If you were born in 1981, the formula will look like this: 1+9+8+1=19.

Next, you’ll need to reduce that double-digit number to a single digit: 1+9=10. If you still come up with a double digit, add the numbers add: 1+0= 1.

So your number for your birth year is 1. You already know that each month is assigned a number, for example, April is number 3.

So, a person born on April 22, 1981 can determine their numerology life path number by using this formula 3+4+1= 8. So this person’s life path number is eight.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Date

Life Path Number Eight: Your Compatibility is Nine

Now that you know what your numerology birth date number is, you’re probably researching what it all means to be you, or just as importantly, who you’re compatible with.

The eight and the nine are very compatible.

For the life path number nine, they’re considered an idealist, who is capable of great compassion.

They will also be more than willing to sacrifice everything for those important people in their life or for a great cause. The nine can attract people easily on romantic, business and friendship levels.

People just want to be around them. This highly social individual may have issues paying close attention to details and instead focuses on the big picture.

The nine is very creative and has a great imagination.

They enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer. This can make them great artists or photographers. Because they’re socially gifted, they can also easily find a place in the world of politics or work in a position of authority.

The nine is their own worst enemy at times because they tend to be fixated on their shortcomings, instead of their achievements and potential.

These individuals can be hard to please and it will take a lot of encouragement at times to get them to relax and let go of business for the day.

The nine will take a failed relationship badly.

Their insecurities can make them hard to handle, at both the workplace and at home. The nine needs to learn to let go of their failures and instead enjoy and focus on their successes.

The eight works to balance out the nine.

While this relationship can be chaotic at times, both eight and nine are driven to succeed and the eight’s leadership skills can give the nine just what they need.