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What Is The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

What Is The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

How are these 2 things that are so closely linked, be so different?

Religion is a man-made set of rules and consequences whereas spirituality comes from within the man himself.

In making decisions based upon spirituality one must look at what they believe will benefit others and is done in love and for a greater good.

Working on yourself in the present world will be of benefit to you no matter your religion with spirituality because you will be working on your best self.

When considering religion, choices become more complicated and weighty upon rules and restrictions. These ideals set forth by others may diminish your own set of thoughts about what you consider to be a natural decision. [no_toc]

Differing ideas create conflict

There is such a varied amount of religions and many are based upon love and understanding.

When religions divide people it sets forth a conflict of interest. We are all human, yet we cannot show a unified meaning of love and understanding.

Religions offer a solid text for the people within their community to follow. Having a physical guide book is comforting to some people.

To people focusing on spirituality, there is no specific directions and instructions. This may make people feel that spirituality without a focus on religion cannot exist because it is a vague concept on its own premise.

Standing right in the present

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Religion can create a sense of community

One of the main reasons some people may opt for a religion is to feel a sense of community and tradition.

It may connect them to past family memories and growing up. Even if you follow religion for these reasons, your spirituality can still be in tact separate from your religion.

You can feel a physical sense of community through religion and receive good auras from like-minded people such as yourself.

Spirituality lets you feel what is within the world, not just within one community. Whether heaven or hell or karma, if you do not follow that inner voice telling you what is right, you will lose sight of yourself.

What Is The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

How does Intercessory Prayer relate to the concepts of Religion and Spirituality?

Intercessory prayer plays a significant role in both religion and spirituality. It involves praying on behalf of others, highlighting the difference between prayer and intercessory prayer. This practice can be found in various religious traditions as a way to connect with a higher power and show compassion towards others.

Spiritual people tend to be more open

The most spiritual people will most likely have studied many religions. They will have a knowledgeable understanding of past leaders and the journeys that they took in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

If everyone would try to consider spirituality itself, or within a religion, focusing on the particular aspects of love and caring within that faith, it may cause a more united understanding of the good we should all project daily.

People within religions may not always act in kind ways as well as those on a spiritual journey of inner enlightenment. It is solely how you process your actions within and draw out the rest of your path that makes you a better person.

Spirituality without the journey is a fruitless attempt. Following a religion without love and understanding may leave you empty as well.

Although these concepts are different they may be combined to form a better understanding of the world around you and within you.

Being spiritual gives you a more in depth view of the world

When we become focused on doing good things, it will ideally create a unique space of love around you.

Helping others and seeing their success will be melded into your journey as well. Not because of a prideful or boastful nature but because you put out good and they received your intent.

Their blessing is your blessing.

You do not become jealous or judge them because if they are putting out good as well, the little circle you created is causing a positive effect.

You cannot resolve every issue in the world, but through spirituality you can have a more in depth view of humanity and faith in it.