Decode Your Name Numerology

Decode Your Name Numerology

Name numerology involves decoding your name for your numerology chart.

Every letter in name numerology will have a number. Where the letter is placed in the name will also have an impact and can determine the influence of each specific letter.

Name numerology can be pretty easy to decode and can help to provide you with some insight on who you are and what areas you’re truly talented in.

Name Numerology: What it all means

The first letter in a name is referred to as the cornerstone.

The cornerstone can provide information on the basics of someone’s personality and it’s also able to tell you how you handle good and bad events in life.

The last letter in your named is called the capstone letter.

The capstone letter tells us a lot about how we handle our workloads and whether or not we follow through on tasks and projects.

The first vowel in your first name offers a glimpse into your dreams and goals.

In name numerology, in order to decode your name, you’ll need to focus on the capstone letter, the cornerstone letter and the first vowel in your first name.

Numerology Letters

The letter A represents individuality, ambition and leadership

You’re definitely a leader and not a follower. You will never give in to pressure and you have a desire to be in charge.

The letter B means that you’re somewhat introverted

but you’re also very compassionate and caring. You’re a peacemaker and a loyal partner.

The letter C has great instincts

The C is very witty and clever and they attract a lot of attention thanks to their inviting personality.

These individuals are fun to be around and they enjoy being the center of attention.

The D is considered grounded.

Their organizational skills are impressive and their drive to complete projects makes them successful in all aspects of their life.

The D can be pretty stubborn at times and can drag down a team if they’re not the ones in charge.

As an E, you love your freedom and you’re a very positive person.

You love to be in love, although because of this you tend to fall in love too easily. You’re very outgoing and fun to be around.

Suspicious by nature, it’s hard to fool the E, but their untrusting nature can cause a lot of bumps in the road.

The F is a very nurturing person.

They’re considered responsible, personable and not afraid of a challenge.

An F is easy to get along with and these self-sacrificing individuals bring warmth with them wherever they go.

Gs are smart and active people.

They have a deep drive to succeed and can motivate anyone they’re around. Great leaders and team players, the G is a financial wizard. They’re also considered very intuitive.

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