Some Crystal Balls Are Not Magic And Perfect For Dieting And Weight Loss
/ / Some Crystal Balls Are Not Magic And Perfect For Dieting And Weight Loss

Some Crystal Balls Are Not Magic And Perfect For Dieting And Weight Loss

What’s the first thing that enters your mind when the phrase: “crystal ball” is mentioned?

If you are thinking of exotic fortune-telling beauties from lands forgotten giving you advice for the future, you would definitely be in the majority.

If you were thinking of magic objects and totem that can grant wishes just by fervent rubbing and wishing, you would also reflect the imaginations of most people.

If you thought of David Bowie trying to trick Jennifer Connolly in the movie Labyrinth, you are a little rare, but closer to normal than you think.

Crystal balls and diets do not normally get paired together when most people think about health, diet, nutrition and strategies for losing weight in a safe and healthy way.

Crystal balls however, do have an important role to play in the future of effective weight loss programs.

Some Crystal Balls Are Not Magic And Perfect For Dieting And Weight Loss

Option 1: Big Bright Tents

If you decide that a life of obesity is not for you, there are several courses of action you can take. Crystal balls are the object here, so let’s be imaginative and really dig in!

First, you can find a circus with the seediest fortune teller in the region. Walk in to her abode/tent, pay the exorbitant fee and have her tell you if health, slenderness and beauty are in your future. In a sense, this method just might work. For the right price, the fortune teller will reveal to you mysteries of your fortune that will satisfy you curiosity and make you feel better about a second round of circus funnel cakes when you leave the tent.

This is not a very practical crystal ball-based method of dieting and transforming yourself into a fit individual. It is however, just as effective as most fad diets on the market. So take a chance, or find something more reliable.

Option 2: The Power Of The Ancient Mystics

There are several sources of crystal balls available that have been blessed by fringe religious leaders that are supposed to contain the power of transformation, good fate, positive intention and “luck.”

You can purchase several of these magic crystal balls (again, for an incredibly high price) and meditate constantly upon them. You can pray to the gods and patrons whose names are etched into their cheaply manufactured glass sides in the hope of finding enlightenment.

As you meditate, you can down a half of a gallon of chocolate ice cream and a couple bags of taco flavored Doritos waiting for the mystic powers of your crystal balls to grab hold of your love handles and whisk them away to the universe of Evermore. The only thing to remember is never try to put on a pair of skinny jeans or step on the bathroom scale during your meditation and “wishful thinking” regimen.

Option 3: Scientifically-Proven Crystal Balls That Are Effective At Promoting Weight Loss

There are dietary supplements on the market that consist of tiny crystal balls produced from natural products like rice, corn and wheat that are well-suited for safe, measured and healthy weight loss. These supplements take on the appearance of crystal balls only when looked at under magnification, but they contain more weight loss power than any glass ball or fortune teller’s crystal.

This supplement is made from the purest of extracts from grains that are grown purely for consumption. These crystal balls, when added to foods, trigger signals in the brain that tell the body “fullness” has been achieved. In essence, these starch-based “crystal balls” are an all natural and nutritious catalyst for controlling the irrational feeling of constant hunger and appetite all together.

Grain-derived supplements that you add to foods resemble crystal balls because of the purity of their compounds and molecular make-up. The compounds react perfectly with one another and bind together to form highly digestible and nutritionally sound tiny clear beads. These beads are digested along with food by the body’s digestive tract and acids. When the compounds are uploaded into the vital parts of the body the brain recognizes their signature and releases hormones throughout the body that provide a feeling of satiety and fullness. The overall effect is one of natural appetite suppression and nutrient ingestion efficiency.

So, this is one instance of little “magic crystal balls” that are worth their weight. They are little enough to be readily digested and made from natural, food grade substances that are best held together in a crystal form. They are completely soluble and packed with grain-derived nutrients that help make the body feel good!


Surprise, crystal balls can work for weight loss, but it isn’t magic. It is not fate. It is not through intention and meditation. The magic of starchy, microscopic crystal balls that curb human appetite is the product of intensive studies performed by experts in the nutrition science fields.

Most people’s weight problems can be directly traced back to an inability (whether learned or hormonal) to control eating patterns. Modern humans just eat too much! Is it any wonder why obesity and weight-related diseases and other health conditions are at such pandemic levels?

Isn’t it amazing to know that the answer lies in the world of food itself?

This irony is almost completely mind-boggling. Little crystal balls of starch are the keys to appetite control and suppression, brain function normalization and the achieving of health through consistent, gradual weight loss. There are many sources of these grain-derived crystal balls out there for purchase. A little research will lead you to a world of natural weight loss and appetite control possibilities that won’t break the bank and scare you half to death.

Food is the reason behind modern man’s problem with controlling weight, and it is also the answer to this horrible health condition. So, crystal balls can be intimately incorporated into a dieting regimen and nutritional program. The trick is to stay away from circus tents and fortune tellers and take control of your own weight loss future.

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