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Biblical Numerology Meanings

Biblical Numerology Meanings

Numerology meanings in the Bible are much different than what you’ll find in basic numerology.

Bible numerology focuses on the significance of numbers that are found throughout the good book. These numbers are believed to hold symbolic meaning.

While most theologians tend to be careful when it comes to putting too much importance on numerology meanings, some experts believe that these numbers reveal God’s plan.

Numerology Meanings in the Bible

Some devout Christians classify numerology as the work of the Devil because it’s similar to divination.

Most theologians can agree that certain numbers found in the Bible possess significance on a literal or symbolic level.

  • The number one is believed to symbolize God himself, while two is the symbol of support.
  • Three is thought to symbolize unity and perfection. For example, there are three individuals in the Trinity. A number of important events in the Bible took place on the third day. In the book of Matthew, Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of the whale.
  • The number four is believed to relate to the earth. As an example, there are four directions, four seasons, and four earthly kingdoms.
  • The number five is linked with grace. In Leviticus, there are five Levitical offerings. In the book of Matthew, Jesus multiplies five loads of bread to feed a crowd of five thousand.
  • Six is thought to represent man. Adam and Eve were created by God on the sixth day.
  • Seven also represents God and also represents divine perfection. After creating the world, God rested on the seventh day. In the book of Matthew, Jesus taught Peter to forgive seventy times. There are also references to the number seven in Exodus.
  • The number eight signifies new beginnings. In Genesis, eight people survived the great flood.
  • Nine may signify a blessing; however, most theologians agree that this number does not hold much significance throughout the Bible.
  • The number ten relates to law. There were ten tribes in the northern kingdom and the Ten Commandments.

Most experts in this field argue about the significance of these numbers, and like the Bible itself, people tend to interpret the meanings differently.

How Basic Numerology Compares to Biblical Numerology

Biblical Numerology Meanings

The meaning of numbers in basic numerology is very different than Biblical numerology.

In basic numerology, the numbers range from one to nine, and they’re derived from a person’s date of birth or their full name. These numbers will mainly focus on which path in life a person should choose and what type of person they’re most compatible with in a romantic or professional relationship.  

While numerology cannot exactly predict your future, it’s believed that it can foretell when important, life-changing events will take place.