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A Bit About Laos

A Bit About Laos

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o here we go again, another infographic. I am really getting into making these and already have another one lined up and ready to go after a few new posts about mediation. I quite like this style of conveying information because it is quick and to the point.

However the one downside is that it is very difficult to really get into any kind of in depth detail which is sad because that is usually where the best pearls of info reside. That said, if this kind of content can whet the appetite of someone and make them think about find out some more facts themselves, then it really is beneficial.

The one thing that I am really trying to do with Tansamai, is to get a much information about the wonderful country of Laos and, its religion and its people out to the world and I think that by making these infographics I can spread some small nuggets as far as possible.

A few notes though just to give you a bit more context:

  • This infographic on a bit about Laos is by no means exhaustive and actually is as basic as I could make it without giving you a graphic with just 3 words!
  • There are many more ethnic groups in Laos other than the 3 listed here (49 ethnicities consisting of over 160 ethnic groups by the last count from  Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC). I will be going into more detail about all of the main ethnic groups as soon as my research is complete.
  • I have missed out anything to do with food because that requires an infographic all of its own and much larger than this one. Anyone who has visited or lived in Laos will understand just how big a part of life food is here. Of course it is a big part of every humans lives; but it takes on another dimension here! Everything revolves around Khao (ເຂົ້າ) – rice, most notably sticky rice, and everything one does here must involve food.
  • If it is too basic and makes some people angry that I have not done Laos justice then I apologize, that is not my intention. I am also just learning how to make these (and having fun in the process) whilst also working a full time job and researching these things to make the information as accurate as possible. I like to get first hand knowledge by asking the locals here, but everything runs on Lao time which I am sure is in a time bubble of its own, separated from the normal space-time continuum!

So there you go, enjoy and share. If you have your own website and you would like to use this graphic then please feel free to do so. You can copy and paste the code below and it will help to give proper attribution as well.

If you want to share on social media then you can do so by clicking on one of the social media buttons in the graphic itself. And as usual, if you liked this then spread the word far and wide, like us on Facebook and signup to get all the latest posts straight to your inbox 🙂

If you think that I have missed anything out, or would like to know anymore information about Laos, then get commenting and I will answer as soon as possible.

Also seasons greetings from Laos (which is crazy cold by the way. Not what you would imagine but it is true. 12 degrees Celsius in a country designed for heat!)

Information about Laos


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