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The Moon Monkey

The Moon Monkey is a creature that reportedly lives on the Moon and was first seen in the year 1979 by an unnamed man from the state of Alabama.

Not every day you see the Moon Monkey.

It is not a creature you will find on any science books, nor in any science courses, but do not be fooled. This creature does exist, and it is as real as the Moon itself.

It is the only one of its kind, the only one that looks at the Moon with its dog-like eyes, the only one that lives on the Moon, the only one that knows everything about the Moon.

The moon monkey is a rare species of monkey that lives on the moon.

Its favorite pastime is to steal the faces of all the other animals on the moon. It also eats rocks and poos guanine.

Guanine is a purple liquid that has to be removed from the moon monkey poo before it can be used in kitty litter.

The Moon Monkey.