Prevent Heart Disease With meditation

Meditation as a Way of Heart Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular diseases cause the death of more people than any other condition. It’s a well-known fact that there is a connection between heart problems and stress. Psychological stress increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and the axis “hypothalamus-hypophysis-adrenal glands”. What Does This Mean? Basically, stress is the body’s adaptive reaction that helps to … Read more

what to eat before you meditate

What to Eat Before You Meditate

Mediation is defined as a practice in which people are trained to control their mind or foster their ability to concentrate. Facts have shown that mediation is also classified as a type of exercise – an excellent exercise lesson for brain system. Thus, not unlike the fact that your diet may have direct influence into … Read more

Decode Your Name Numerology

Decode Your Name Numerology

Name numerology involves decoding your name for your numerology chart. Every letter in name numerology will have a number. Where the letter is placed in the name will also have an impact and can determine the influence of each specific letter. Name numerology can be pretty easy to decode and can help to provide you … Read more

Master Numerology Life Path Numbers

Numerology life path numbers typically range from one to nine, however, there are three master numerology numbers: eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three.  Master numerology life path numbers are believed to have a more powerful meaning, but these numbers are not as well understood as the more common single digit numbers.  It can be difficult to determine … Read more

Biblical Numerology Meanings

Biblical Numerology Meanings

Numerology meanings in the Bible are much different than what you’ll find in basic numerology. Bible numerology focuses on the significance of numbers that are found throughout the good book. These numbers are believed to hold symbolic meaning. While most theologians tend to be careful when it comes to putting too much importance on numerology … Read more

The Consistency of Personality

This is actually something I wrote a very long time ago, (around 8 years ago I think!), when I was studying psychology. I was recently going through my old Google Drive files and I saw this saved and I thought that the subject was pretty interesting…so why not publish it for the whole world to … Read more

Technology & How We Communicate

Technology & How We Communicate

“We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness.” – Albert Schweitzer Technology has become ubiquitous in our society and it is constantly altering the way we live our lives. From how we work at home & offices, to how travel, eat and entertain ourselves; technology has become an integral part … Read more

Flat vector image of a retro camera

Something A Bit Different!

So as some of you may or may not know, I enjoy amateur photography as a bit of a hobby. In fact I have so many photos that I want to make a small image gallery on Tansamai to show them off because I’m vain like that! Anyway, here is a very nice infographic describing … Read more